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Bootstrap nuget package moving to Outercurve

Bootstrap nuget package moving to Outercurve

As of v3.0.1.1 the Twitter.Boostrap package will begin redirecting users to the Bootstrap package managed by the Outercurve foundation. The reason for this move is pretty simple. Bootstrap is a cleaner namespace since the project dropped the twitter name a few releases ago and Bootstrap now officially ships with the Visual Studio 2013 ASP.Net templates. So to avoid confusion on which release is "official", we've agreed to redirect everyone over to the new Microsoft maintained namespace.

Some things to note about the transition. The new package uses a slightly different structure than mine. For instance the css files are available directly in the Content root and the fonts directory is located in the project root. I chose to use a bootstrap subdirectory in Content keeping the fonts directory in the Content root. Not a huge change, but something to be aware of...or as Scott Hanselman would say..."who moved my cheese".

I also maintain two other related packages Twitter.Bootstrap.MVC and Twitter.Bootstrap.Less that will not be moving over as part of this transition. I have however issued an update to the MVC package which now takes dependency on Bootstrap and references the new css locations in the bundling code. For those just using the MVC or Less packages, this entire transition should be transparent.

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